°AeroFace web pass system

The Card is a software pass which makes you be recognized in all the websites joined to the Community. These websites show complete content and apps only if you have a valid Card installed in the computer. How to use it?
Download and install the Card. Open it, click the login button, and visit the Community sites and apps you like.
Is there anything to pay?
Yes, we ask you a tiny contribute in the Store; this is exactly what allows the management and the development of the AeroFace project, which requires time and money. We think that the advantages of our Community could be greater than that little expense. Thank you!
AeroFace Card
suitable for pc Users, sw Developers
validity (after activation) 1 year
installable on 1 pc
prolongable / renewable
AeroFace Community
auto updating of AeroFace Card
share your experiences, ideas and requests in the Community
take the code, modify it and sell your versions of AeroFace Card in the Community ☑ not yet
transfer the Card to another User ☑ not yet