°AeroFace web pass system

For the websites' visitors:
  • Complete clean content and apps, free from annoying spam
  • 1-click login directly from the Card
  • 1-click visit directly from the Card to any website of the Community
  • One login is valid for all the websites (apps, blogs and forums included)
  • A new web experience, focused on quality and interest rather than quantity and speed
  • Cons: there is one little fee, valid for everything, which is necessary for the existence of the system
For the websites' managers:
  • Protect automatically the social pages (forum, blog, comments, etc.) from the spammers - you save a huge amount of time
  • Gain money when a visitor subscribes a Card via your website and at all its further renewals
  • Focus on enthusiasts and high quality content
  • Cons: lose mass visitors, reduce total page traffic